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September 30, 2014  |  Engagements, Wedding Industry

Engagement: Madeline + Chan

They met at a charity event through friends. Little did they know that this day would slowly change and shape the course of their entire future. This couple is fabulous..... light-hearted, FUN, and clearly in love and meant for each other! Excited to share with you Chan and Madeline! Their style is laid back- country chic and the location and lighting was just perfect!
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Pricing for Photographers

To me the hardest thing about running a small business is pricing. Pricing is a simple economics of supply/demand and also business principles. I know so many business owners that are having a really hard time of running a profitable small business. Entrepreneurship is HARD. I asked on Facebook what is the number one thing you struggle with. Pricing is what I heard over and over. • I have been doing photography for X number of years but I can seem to make any money. • I can't seem to find...
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September 22, 2014  |  Engagements

Engagement: Abigail + Jordan

Happy Monday!!! This time of year I just LOVE and since officially today is the first day of fall I have an awesome session to share to with you the celebrate! Jordan and Abigail.... sigh. These two's parents have been best friends forever. They of course knew each other, but always just looked at each other as friends. It wasn't until later in life that circumstances brought them together and they have been inseparable since. This session was a dream.... Gorgeous couple, amazing...
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