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Christmas Card Template 2014 Wide Open Spaces

Sending out Christmas cards every year is something that I LOVE doing! When they hit the mailbox, I might just do a happy dance. I seriously start thinking about the next year's when this year's Christmas card hits the mailbox. Yes I am aware I am different. :) It is so fun to look back over the years, from our first year(our wedding photo) until now. Wow, how times have changed!!! This year we are expecting our third boy(yes, yes I know we will be crazy), and I wanted his decor to be...
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Business: Giving Thanks Christmas 2014

Giving thanks.... I LOVE this time of the year! Seriously love it! All the lights, kids' excitement, Santas, family, friends, did I mention all the candy and sweets, and of course celebrating the true meaning of the season. Being a small business owner, I think it is also the perfect time to give thanks to the ones that make such an impact on my business including vendors that send referrals, as well as the clients that trust in me to do what I do. If it were not for these people believing in...
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December 10, 2014  |  Personal, Roman, August, Silas

My Family 2014 in Wide Open Spaces

Wide Open Spaces.... its a paradox for so much for me right now. Regardless of the space you believe you have, I want my boys to know they create their own space, their own dreams, and for so many this year that is all I want. When I started planning for Baby Silas nursery, I knew I wanted to create a space that was open, light, and airy. Inspiration always starts somewhere, and for me one of my best friends Mom had a painting she had done of sheep in a field with two babies and well that...
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