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Favorite Product: Metal Prints

If you missed the print inspiration guide you can Click Here to see some of my favorite products that I love to print on. If you are a photographer and you are struggling to sell products.... it is imperative to show clients products and provide them with the opportunities to print. In our digital world so many images are being taken, but not a lot is being printed. It is our job, as the photographer, to pick images that showcase the shoot well, and show the clients ways to turn their images...
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April 14, 2015  |  Business, Portraits

Shutterfest:Meintrup Family

How gorgeous is this family?! Last week I had the honor of speaking at Shutterfest and one of my classes was "10 Tips for Shooting Families". I was given a model family to shoot, but in order to show the rawness(and realness) my goal was to find an actual family in St.Louis to photograph that were not models. I am going to do a separate blog post on tips, reasons, and some take aways from this shoot.... but first(and for this post) I want to introduce you to the Meintrup family! I mean look...
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Entrepreneurship: Coaching Session

Slowly easing my way back into working after little man deciding to make a really late appearance into this world... most jobs in corporate America you get 3 months maternity leave. Well when you own your own business that typically is not the case. Well of course you could take three months, but who will keep the engine running or answer emails, pay bills, etc? When you start a business there are a ton of benefits from being your own boss, but like anything else you get out of it what you put...
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