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Start Kickin' Booty Intensive

Are you ready to get your booty kicked? I mean I had to say that right? ;) Yes I sometimes crack myself up at jokes that are probably not funny! :) In my spare time... (ummm is there such a thing) we threw together . I am stoked about this! I am teaming up with Jenny at Grace + Gallant for a one day intensive for anyone wanting to pursue a passion, start a company, or rebrand/reset your business. Start Planner went from an concept to a finished product & shipping in...
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June 29, 2015  |  Portraits

Grandmother and Me

This is so special to me. What I would have done to have a session like this with my Grandmother. It also reminds me that I need to do something like this for my own Mom! The winner of mini session giveaway unfortunately had to go out of town on the mini weekend. Of course she was bummed, but I told her she could either gift the session to someone or I could pick another name. Well she decided to gift it to her Mom, Judy. How awesome is that and I am sure her Mom will treasure these! Her...
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June 24, 2015  |  Portraits

Simpson Mini Session!

I LOVE mini sessions! This is another couple that I just love! Engagement, Wedding, Family, and now just as a family of two for now... insert my hopeful thinking :) Heheh :) Lindsey and Jeremy!
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