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November 28, 2014  |  Portraits

Mallory + Jesse + Baby Bump

I am so excited for these two! Mallory is one of my best friends, and I have known her since middle school. While we were laying at the pool this summer we were talking about kids and life in general. She was talking about if and when to start a family, and I was talking about if I we wanted a third or not.... Well little did we know about a week later I get a text from Mallory that says, I am pregnant! I was ecstatic. I was heading out of town for a girls trip, and the entire weekend while in...
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November 26, 2014  |  Portraits

Family: Jason + Carey plus Pups!

I love everything about this session! When I say these dogs were better behaved than my kids.... I am not kidding! This is my husband's brother, Jason, his wife, Carey, and their furbabies, Riki and Pierre! We met at a Christmas Tree Farm last week for a sunrise session and it was perfect! Without further adoo..... here are some of my favs! :)
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November 20, 2014  |  Weddings, Wedding Industry, Portraits

Wedding: Sarah Beth + Thad

One of the neat things about my job, is I know I give my clients something that will only increase in value over time. Meaning.... as life goes on, families will start or grow, and these moments that I capture now will soon be a part of their history, their past, and their story. I am sure the pictures mean a lot now but 10 years from now... 25 years... 50... Sigh. To me that is probably one of the coolest things about what I get to do. It is not just an image to me is is preserving your story...
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