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July 29, 2015  |  Personal/Family/Life

Adventures: Chasing Waves

SOOO much to do! If you follow my adventures on Instagram or Facebook, you know we just got back from the beach! Well.... we are heading to Disney in two days(and my kids have no idea!!!) so be prepared for some more craziness! First mark your calendars. Mini dates this fall will be October 10th and November 21st. I am going to attempt to find one more date... but as of now... that is it folks. I will be releasing all details and time slots once kids get back in school(roughly two weeks) and...
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Start Kickin' Booty Intensive

Are you ready to get your booty kicked? I mean I had to say that right? ;) Yes I sometimes crack myself up at jokes that are probably not funny! :) In my spare time... (ummm is there such a thing) we threw together Start Kickin' Booty . I am stoked about this! I am teaming up with Jenny at Grace + Gallant for a one day intensive for anyone wanting to pursue a passion, start a company, or rebrand/reset your business. Start Planner went from an concept to a finished product & shipping in less...
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July 6, 2015  |  Health/Organization

5 Things I Didn't Expect/ Start Planner

I wanted to share a couple things that I honestly did not expect would happen when I got more organized and started using my Start Planner. Technically speaking, I have only used it for a week! I mean on a high level I knew some of it would happen, but I feel like the statement "Live with organized", I gathered it whole meaning. It has an even bigger meaning that I fully grasped to begin with and here is a couple reasons why. 1. Save $. I expected it might save me a little money, but I am...
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