Kristy Dickerson

Someone once said to me I am lucky. 
I don’t feel like luck has anything to do with any “success” that I have had. 
The harder I work the more “success” has came my way. 
Blood/sweat/tears, taking my formal education, and meshing it with my real world life, I have figured out what works and what doesn’t in business. One of my favorite things to do is to help others see and realize how to make money (or more of it!) With enough hard work we can all be a little more “lucky.” Business success is something I want for everyone so that it can free up more space for the family, friends, and your loved ones.... That’s what life is all about 

If I don’t feel like I can help I will be straight up and honest and tell you it is not a good fit. If it is a good fit? You better be ready!  

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For those who want to take your business to the next level or turn a hobby into a career, this could be for you. Business coaching/advising in my opinion should only be done if there is a positive return on investment for your small business or idea. 

You bet! Will announce any workshops to newsletter subscribers first! So get on the list! 

Ocassional Workshops

both small business and home budgeting

One-on-One Consulting

• Setting budgets/Understanding Your Numbers
• Where to Find Profit in Your Business
• Branding/Marketing Advising
• Actionable Steps and Business Direction
• Work/Life Balance Advice
• Coffee Consumption (I’m being serious here!)

Areas I can help...

Turn your passion into a Reality!