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Summer reading list? I got you! Here are some of my favorite business books that I have recently read! Actually, not all of them are business related they are more motivation and habit related. There is no shame in my game, I love reading! I go in spurts though. Times where I read all the time, then I […]

If you guys like this I will try to do this more often! I get asked questions all the time and this way I can answer publically so it can also benefit others! Here are the questions selected for last weeks questions,  I did a call for questions on Instagram and if you guys like […]

Well, hello there, summer! How did that happen so quickly? My kids are out of school and changing schedules and routines is not always an easy thing. I am actually stoked for this change! A little slower pace in the morning without having the AM bus hustle, and in the evenings without the PM homework hustle!   As most of you know, […]

3 Struggles in 2018 for me… might surprise you. If you read my birthday manifesto, this year is about living and doing it loudly. I am and have always been bold and driven. If you guys haven’t read chapter one of my book. Do it here. Although my book is about balance, I am not […]