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We are halfway through 2018. Halfway! We have 6 months left and it just feels like the perfect time to revisit goals, create new ones, and refocus.  If you are in a valley, haven’t been planning for success, or have just been feeling off-kilter…. shake it off, let it go, and refocus! I am struggling […]

Well, hello there, summer! How did that happen so quickly? My kids are out of school and changing schedules and routines is not always an easy thing. I am actually stoked for this change! A little slower pace in the morning without having the AM bus hustle, and in the evenings without the PM homework hustle!   As most of you know, […]

Probably one of the biggest questions I get asked is about money. From a business perspective, projections, marketing budget, payroll, I mean you name it. I go through peaks and lulls with reading, but I try to read every business book I can get my hands on, and we are not just talking marketing books, I […]

References: FREE worksheet for this blog post can be downloaded here. > (Business Planning Worksheet) Business Partner HERE is the notebook that I reference and use to plan for our business. I also use excel with formulas, but I also like to physically write everything out so I can visually see it and plan for […]