Is my house always organized, my desk always organized? No!  Of course life happens, but I do believe the more you are organized in your both your personal life and professional life, you are setting yourself up to succeed.

To think about the bigger picture with dreams, health, and financial you HAVE to get yourself organized, create a plan, and then attack it.  Whether it be digital organization or writing things down, taking the time to make it happen is so important! Organization helps you to save time by allowing you to be more efficient and productive. 

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Yes I am the co-founder of this company and this was born out of the desire to create a tool to help you get organized in both your life and business.  

What is Start Planner?

 (Home Organization and/or Business)

“Since it launched in May of 2015, Start Planner has been helping others achieve balance and find success. Kristy Dickerson (Cumming, Georgia) and Jenny Grumbling (Portland, Oregon) launch Start with only one goal: creating a tool that creates more space for happiness.   Finding purpose, reaching goals, and making things happen requires organization and setting yourself up to do so. We believe in creating a life with more FREEDOM. Properly allocating time, money, and resources can breed happiness. That is what Start Planner is about. Pairing aesthetics, motivation, and meshing business and life into one physical product that you can’t just shut off.

A little startup history? Kristy (Business, Productivity, Visionary) + Jenny (Marketing, Brand Development) combined their strengths to create Start Planner. “In a world of digital we believe that there is so much to be said for writing things down, seeing them, getting them done, and checking them off. We practice what we preach. We are pairing our lifestyle with our own goals and dreams and not letting 2700 miles between us stop our vision. We believe that anyone with a passion and a well thought out plan can make anything happen!”

The idea was born in April, 2015 because in a world of everything going digital, we believe there is a need to physically write and plan out goals, finances, projects, to-dos and be able to cross them out. The logo was created for Start Planner in May. By June, they had developed a product and sold 250 beta copies. They opened up a forum for direct feedback in order to perfect and further develop their product. Changing content and overhauling the product to now reveal the 2016 Start Planner.

We have invested $0 cash to date and have properly allocated and used our own resources. We have been approached by venture capitalists, but to date it has been purely funded by our own blood, sweat and tears!  Creating a company that fills a need, a product that changes people lives, and building a dream for ourselves and our own families has been one of the most rewarding experiences yet. We want to set an example for our fellow planners showing that goals can be achieved because like our users this product has also changed our own lives. 

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